PULLPROOF Member Amenities


The shop is equipped with

Two Vacuum Screen presses, for OD 30”x40” screens and OD 20”x24, exposure unit for up to OD 30”x40” screens, shop computer with Adobe CS, 24” inkjet printer for black-only film output, washout booth for up to OD 30”x40” screens, drying racks, 4-color t-shirt press with one printing station, flash dryer, squeegees of varying lengths between 4” and 36”, washout chemicals including emulsion remover, degreaser, sponges, scrub brushes, photo emulsion + scoop coaters, shop screens for public use, newsprint - 30” roll, registration pins and a registration jig, light box for tracing, paper cutters, 36” tear bar, general shop supplies such as rulers, x-actos, etc.,

Included with membership

One flat file drawer for flat work, a storage shelf for supplies, storage for personal silkscreens, access to all of above equipment.  Additional storage space is available for a monthly fee.

One Month drop-in members may choose to begin a General Membership or renew for a second drop-in after their month ends, and do not need to re-apply.  General Memberships are billed monthly, and there is no limit on how long memberships can last - we encourage all members to spend a long time with us.