PULLPROOF Studio is a membership-based workspace for artists who focus on screenprinting.  We are a fully equipped silkscreen printing facility with shared workspace and a small storefront gallery, located at 5112 Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA. Our mission is provide equipment, a dedicated space, and unconstrained time at an affordable cost to silkscreen artists in the Pittsburgh area, and to foster an environment of mutual support.




Aaron Regal

Aaron is a painter, printmaker, photographer, art handler, and arts administrator native to the East End of Pittsburgh, PA. Aaron’s art practice approaches themes of social and economic justice, political turmoil, climate change, consumerism, global computerization, and The Like. He is a founding member of PULLPROOF and our space’s Shop Technician.

Pittsburgh Print Group


Anna Shepperson

Anna Shepperson is a printmaker, painter, and Events and Outreach Coordinator for PULLPROOF. She has lived between New York and Pennsylvania for the past 8 years. Since 2016, she has been working with Pittsburgh’s immigrant and refugee communities through Americorps. Her advocacy work includes teaching English as a Second Language, guiding job placements, and community outreach. She is excited about joining the Garfield arts community, and bridging her creative and advocacy work.


Charlie Barber

Charlie Barber is a designer with a background in illustration, service design, and prototyping. Drawing is an integral part of his design process as it allows him to quickly communicate ideas and engage in open ended dialogues with others. In addition to being a Finance Director for PULLPROOF, he illustrates houses in Pittsburgh.

PGH Houses


Christina Lee

Christina Lee is an illustrator, zinemaker, printmaker, animator, and designer from San Jose, CA currently based in Pittsburgh, PA. In addition to her role as Communications Director at PULLPROOF, she is an organizer of the Pittsburgh Zine Fair. Graphic novels, pop culture, and kitsch are highly influential to her work.

Pittsburgh Zine Fair


Matt Van Asselt

Matthew Van Asselt is an artist, designer, printer, musician, and Director of PULLPROOF. He recently moved to Pittsburgh from Brooklyn, where he worked as a silkscreen technician for an artist while simultaneously running his own small press called Mt. Home Arts. He makes large multi-color prints that reference the natural and built environment. 


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